The Dissecting the 80s Hall of Fame is an exclusive club of the favorite icons of The Mega Podcasting Powers. Each of the hosts chooses one entrant from the year’s podcasts, be it an actor, director, prop, character or some other object unnamed here.

The 2016 Class:



Patrick Swayze: 80s is peak Swayze, and we’ve had a blast with all the films of his that we’ve covered. We’re likely to throw a few more in over the years (Looking right at you, Red Dawn), but not only did he star Road House, one of my favorite episodes, he was also the lead in Dirty Dancing, our first live show!

– Tripp










The inaugural 2015 Class:


Cyndi Lauper: When I think of the 80s the first thing I think of is Cyndi Lauper. Her music and style perfectly encapsulate the spirit and pop culture of the 80s. She’s also the key reason that this show even exists so it would be rude for me to choose anyone else as my first inductee.
– Andrew









Bruce the Shark: JAWS is just about the closest thing our family has to a religion, so it was only natural our pal Bruce would pop up on the show. That we managed to do both of his eligible movies in our first year is a major testament to our love of him, and since there’s no chance for him to make another appearance, his entry into the hall was an absolute must.
– Tripp