Why are you doing this?

Well, we like to think it’s funny? Also we enjoy doing it. Bad movies have been a favorite thing of ours for years.

Why is your cover art so poorly photoshopped?

We’re not good at photoshop?

But like, why is that what you do?

Our original form of this show was a liveblog recap of Cyndi Lauper’s “The Goonies R’ Good Enough” and since that had WWE wrestlers, Tripp tried to find a good wrestler photo. When he saw a picture of sweaty, oiled up “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Hulk “I’m secretly a huge racist asshat, but you won’t know that for a year or two” Hogan, it made him laugh, so in went the dumb face photos over top. It’s also why Andrew remains “Macho M”Andrew.

Where do you record the show?

Tripp lives in Baltimore, and Andrew lives near Philadelphia, so sometimes it’s over Skype, but we try to get together as often as possible to record. Usually this means abandoning our family for hours at a time during social gatherings, which Mom is just a HUGE fan of.

How do you pick the stuff you’re watching?

Generally, Tripp finds this stuff and brings it to Andrew, but occasionally, he’ll have a suggestion. Tripp spends a not-insignificant part of his day accumulating movies and TV shows for the to be watched pile, mostly through weird Wikipedia rabbit holes and VHS sections of thrift stores.

You’ve talked about doing this live – what’s up with that?

We performed our first two live shows in August 2016 at the Baltimore Podcast Festival and Philadelphia Podcast Festival, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to do it live! If you’ve got a venue and need talent, please contact us!

What is “Chum Some of This?” You say it at the end of the episodes.

Chum Some of This is the umbrella production company for all of our creative endeavors. At the moment, most of that can be found on the YouTube page.

Why haven’t you reviewed [Insert title here]?

Well, have you recommended it to us? You can also call us at 8-5-6-D-I-S-S-E-C-T!


Then I feel like this is on you a little bit, no?