This is a (generally close to) updated list of our shows. Subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher and don’t worry about getting these, eh?

Guest Appearances (Other shows)
  1. Everything is Awesome – Episode 31: It’s Not Fake, It’s Scripted!
  2. Everything is Awesome – Episode 32: Magnum Pie
  3. Full Belly Laughs – Comedians Discuss How to Avoid Bad Pronunciation
  4. Hobo Radio 424 – 2017: The Year of Peak Sloth – A Live Podcasting Event (Just Tripp)
  5. Cynical Cartoons: Police Academy: The Series
  6. Cynical Cartoons: Toy Story: The Musical Review 
A Very Special Dissecting the 80s

These are our Bonus specials, not necessarily tied into the 80s

  1. Pillsbury Bake-off featuring Lynne Laino, our Mom
  2. Andrew Talks Directing
  3. International Podcast Day Q+A/IT (2018) Review
  4. Halloween chat with Fangoria Editor Phil Nobile, Jr.
  5. Halloween 2018 (Bonus)
  6. Heathers TV Show (Bonus)
Sampler Platters

These are short compilations of our favorite bits from the previous episodes. Tell your friends!

  1. Sampler Platter #1 (
  2. Red Carpet Clipshow (