#136 Night of the Comet

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It’s the 2019 SPOOKTACULAR! In this tangent-ey episode, Tripp prattles on about How I Met Your Mother, we debate the ideal shape and type of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Tripp tries a new tactic for podcast reviews, Rhesus Reese’s, Tripp … Continued

#135 Rambo 2

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The desiccated husk of Sylvester Stallone is releasing a final chapter in the Rambo series, so we’re going to where it started going off the rails: Rambo: First Blood II! How stupid is this title? Is Rambo a Mary Sue? … Continued

#134 She’s Out of Control

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We’re getting a little sexy for our sixth season’s beginning (you know, like sextet?…We weren’t sure either) with She’s Out of Control! Tony “Hold Me Closer Tiny” Danza has a daughter that’s interested in b-b-b-b-b-boooooys and he can’t handle it … Continued

#132 Weekend at Bernie’s

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In celebration of its 30th anniversary (and our Dad’s birthday!) we spent a Weekend At Bernie’s! Seriously, how does no one realize this guy’s dead? Is there anything grosser than sex with a dead guy? Does anyone understand this insurance … Continued

#131 Flashdance (Clip)

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Out now for supporters at the $5 and up level is our live episode about Flashdance, recorded at the Philly Podcast Festival in 2019! Like what you hear? Support us on Patreon and you can hear the complete episode!  “Ouroboros” Kevin … Continued

#129 Real Genius

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Listener Request Month Pick #2 comes from Patreon supporter Tom!  Is this peak Val Kilmer? Could he be any more charming? How does no one know they’re making a weapon?! Why is this 15-year-old in a relationship with a 19-year-old? … Continued

#128 Midnight Madness

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It’s the very first Listener Request Month, and the first selection is Patreon supporter Michele’s choice: Midnight Madness! The game master has created a zany scavenger hunt all over Los Angeles. What’s the best method for organizing a hunt? Why … Continued

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